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Deal with workload problems head on

In recent weeks, members have been asking the Guild how to deal with emerging or potential workload issues at CBC.

The Guild and CBC management spent considerable time discussing this issue during the last round of negotiations. “Workload” means different things to different people; generally we refer to the amount of work demanded over a work day. The new agreement contains a couple of important features (under Article 44, Workload).

First, there is a statement of principles. Here are some key ones:
* Where a job involves an excessive workload on an ongoing basis it is not acceptable and must be addressed.
* When resources change, expectations need to be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.
* A culture that encourages breaks and meal breaks is an effective way to help with workload.
* A culture where everyone feels free to discuss workload and where there is receptiveness to workload discussions is essential to a healthy workplace.

Members are encouraged to raise workload issues with their Guild executive and management. An additional feature in the new agreement allows for the creation of workload committees within working teams:

When there appears to be a workload issue within a team or unit, workload meetings will occur as required. These meetings should include all employees of a working group who are affected and supervisors/managers. In these meetings workload will be the primary focus of discussion.

Workload problems need to be addressed proactively. For further information, please contact your local executive and/or the national office of the Guild (info@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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