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Equal Pay for Equal Work

On Thursday March 30, CMG’s Pay Equity Committee met with CBC management to reconstitute this Committee for the 2017-2019 term. The Committee is mandated by  Article 10 of the Collective Agreement:

“In order to ensure that pay equity concerns with respect to all forms of pay, including wages and additional remuneration paid to employees doing the same or similar types of work are addressed, the Parties agree to maintain a standing joint Pay Equity Committee.”

How the Committee works
It’s important to note that as a federal employer, the CBC is required to execute and maintain pay equity as a part of its mandate. So the work of the Committee is to look at all the different jobs across the entire Corporation and make sure that the pay bands remain consistent and that women receive equal pay for equivalent work to their male counterparts.

From time to time, the Committee needs to examine the remuneration of members closely to make sure there has not been any “drift” in the various bands, which can sometimes happen when more women than men are hired into particular classifications or vice versa. In order to do this, the Corporation has to take what we call a “deep dive” into the statistical data and do the comparisons, taking out all of the factors that may skew pay higher – seniority being the biggest factor, but also movement in or out of classifications due to Workforce Adjustment or grievance settlements.

After this “deep dive” is completed, the Committee then examines the data to see if wages need to be adjusted. Sometimes they need to be, sometimes they don’t. The beauty of the CBC Collective Agreement is that there is some pay equity built into the way the various bands are organized, so that traditionally male-female positions can be examined side by each to ensure the continuity of this ongoing process.

Focus on Executive Producers, Senior Producers, Video Producers, Videojournalists, and Videographers
As part of the Committee’s work this year, we have initiated the process by which the Corporation will examine the following positions: Executive Producers, Senior Producers, Video Producers, Videojournalists, and Videographers. Traditionally, these were areas where more men were occupying these positions, but over time more women have taken on these roles, so the Committee is responsible for making sure that women receive remuneration equal to their male counterparts.

The process of getting this information can take a long time, so we don’t expect instant results. We will report back once we have received the data.

If there’s a necessity to adjust wages and you are a female worker who isn’t making what your male counterparts make, then your wage gets adjusted.

In the past, when a change was required, CMG’s Pay Equity Committee negotiated with the Corporation about what amount each individual would receive, and they got their pay increased with a small stipend for retro pay. 

If you feel you are facing a pay equity issue, please get in touch with a Guild representative in your location.

While the Committee’s mandate is to look at pay equity in a global overview by examining all the job classifications, your case may require a closer look and there are other ways to address inequities first. However, we always are interested in hearing about individual cases as this may be indicative of a trend in your particular pay band.

New digital jobs to be scanned for equity
We have also given the Corporation notice that we intend to examine all of the new digital jobs being created.

At this point, we have not applied the pay equity process on these jobs because we’re not sure which bands they’re slotted into, who is being hired into them, and whether or not the pay equity piece has been followed in terms of examining male-female equivalencies. This work will overlap with the Job Evaluation Committee’s process and will take some time, but we want members to know that this is on our radar and we will be expecting a report back from the Corporation.

CMG’s Pay Equity Committee
Wendy Martin, CBC Atlantic Canada – Chair (wendy@cmg.ca)
Belle Puri, CBC Vancouver
Kim Trynacity, CBC Edmonton, Prairie Director
Terri Monture, Staff Representative (terri@cmg.ca)


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