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Excessively harsh judgement

Evan Solomon has been one of CBC’s hardest working journalists for over 20 years.  He is recognized nationally and internationally for his ability.

He has built a stellar career, while going to great efforts to promote public broadcasting and the CBC.

Evan has also had a long standing interest in art and recently became a partner in an art business.  He informed CBC management of this months ago and more recently met with management and answered all of their questions about the situation.

Evan has been clear that he did not see a conflict between his art business and his political journalism.  He has also been very clear that he regrets the negative impact that this outside activity is now having on the trust that CBC management and some viewers have in him.

As a union, we are concerned that there may have been a rush to judgment here and a disproportionate response to what at worse may have been an unintentional breach of corporate policy that had no impact whatsoever on how Evan conducted himself as a host and journalist.

We are concerned that factors unrelated to this case have caused management to single out and treat a respected journalist unfairly and in a way that may be very damaging to his career.


Carmel Smyth,
National President, CMG


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