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Get to know our colleagues who will serve on CMG committees at CBC

Dear CMG members at CBC/Radio-Canada,

I am happy to introduce our co-workers who have stepped up to serve on the CBC/Radio-Canada union committees for 2020-2022. They come from across the country and they have a broad range of experience and talents to contribute. These volunteers will be  working together to improve working conditions in all our workplaces – it’s some of the most important work we do as a union.

As always, members’ involvement  is what helps make this work relevant and fruitful, so I hope you continue to share your concerns and ideas, and pay close attention to our committee updates.

Thank you to all our colleagues who put their names forward, and to the outgoing committee members for their service.

Kim Trynacity
CBC/Radio-Canada Branch President, Canadian Media Guild


CBC/Radio-Canada Branch Executive Council 2020-2022

Kim Trynacity

Bob Sharpe

Lorne Shapiro

Director – Diversity and Human Rights
Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski

Director – SRC
Dominique Gauthier

Director – Atlantic
Elke Semerad

Director – BC
Lisa Christiansen

Director – North
Pauline Pemik

Director – Ontario
Pierre Millette

Director – Prairies (AB, SK, MB)
Trent Peppler

Director – Toronto
Naomi Robinson


CBC/Radio-Canada Branch Committees members 2020-2022

Employee Assistance Program Board
Anita Adams – Toronto
Marie-Hélène Robitaille – Vancouver
Shane Ross – Charlottetown

Joint Employment Equity (JEED/JEDI)
Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski – Co-Chair Vancouver
Sujata Berry – Toronto
Adrian Harewood – Ottawa
Khaleel Mohammed – Toronto

Joint Pay Equity Committee
Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski  – Co-chair Vancouver
Denis Ball – Vancouver
Caroline Levesque – Halifax

Terri Monture and Ally Ding– Staff Representative

National Grievance Committee
Kim Trynacity – Co-chair
Brent Cousland – Toronto
Maria-Carmen Gutierrez – Vancouver
Pierre Millette – Ottawa
Bob Sharpe – St. John’s

Enrico Di Fruscio – Staff Representative

National Joint Committee
Kim Trynacity   – Co-chair
Trent Peppler – Regina
Naomi Robinson – Toronto
Bob Sharpe – St. John’s

Olivier Roy – Staff Representative

Consultative Committee on Staff Benefit
Kim Trynacity
Vik Adhopia – Toronto
Nathalie Bastien – Ottawa
Murray Cullen – Halifax
Nola Keeler – Edmonton

Enrico DiFruscio and Olivier Roy – Staff Representatives

National Job Evaluation Committee
Tamara Baluja – Vancouver
Ron Boileau – Winnipeg
Brad Childs – St. John’s
Farzad Fatholahzadeh – Toronto

Marianne Malo-Chenard – Staff Representative

National Joint Performance Management and Staff Development Committee
Nathalie Bastien – Ottawa
Debora Grant-Barkun – Ottawa
Michael Hillman – Vancouver

National Health and Safety Policy Committee
Wil Fundal – Prince George
Andrew Shipley – Halifax
Josée St-Onge – Edmonton

Olivier Roy – Staff Representative

Corporate Steering Committee
Kim Trynacity
Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski – Vancouver
Naomi Robinson – Toronto
Bob Sharpe – St. John’s

Learning and Development Committee
Jennifer Chen – Ottawa
Mark Evans – Whitehorse
John Robertson – Charlottetown

CBC Branch Education and Mobilization Committee
Bob Sharpe – Chair
Mireille Beaupré-Walsh – Regina
David Horemans – Vancouver
Nadia Jannif – Surrey
Nuruddin Qorane – Toronto

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