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Getting through news renewal together

The Guild is aware of many of the issues that members are facing as CBC implements its news renewal project, including concerns about workload and new assignments and shifts. This project, coupled with the launch of new supper hour shows following the recent loss of 370 jobs, has created pressure on every front.

Local and national leaders of the Guild are in close contact, sharing information and working to resolve problems through local and national meetings with management.

To be clear, it is CBC management’s exclusive right to establish its method of operation. In other words, management is responsible for the creation and carrying out of the news renewal project. Among other things, CBC management determines staffing levels, program design, budgets, lines of authority and locations.

Management also has a responsibility to ensure the Collective Agreement is honoured.

Management has briefed the Guild throughout the project and we have done everything possible to prevent problems before they occur and to provide feedback from our members’ perspective on the effects of the changes on the newsroom floors. As well, local Guild executives have been meeting with local management to solve problems as they arise and to make sure the collective agreement is respected.

Here are some of the issues we’re working on:

Scheduling: making sure schedules adhere to collective agreement (proper turnaround, minimize different start times in a week, two days off in a row, etc.); creating committees to improve scheduling according to needs of employee groups.

Workload: new language in the collective agreement sets out real measures, including backfill. Workload is a problem if you can’t get through everything you’re expected to do in a day; if you can’t take your breaks; if you feel you have to stay late; etc. If you and your colleagues feel there is a problem in your unit, you have a right to meet as a group with management to discuss it and come up with alternatives.

Assignment: we’re dealing with reports of the creation of unposted vacancies under the guise of new assignments, lack of meaningful consultation with producers on their assignment, potential demotions, and the creation of new job titles outside the joint process.

Producers’ Authority and the role of the managing editors.

If you have a concern or problem, we urge you to see a member of your Guild location executive immediately. If the problem can’t be solved locally, it should be referred quickly to the national level. As well, please be considerate and respectful of your colleagues throughout this difficult period. We have to get through this together.

Marc-Philippe Laurin
Branch President

Dan Oldfield
Senior Staff Representative

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