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Got a meeting with management?

Got a meeting with management?
It’s always a good idea to talk to the union before going to a meeting with management. As well, you can bring along someone from the union to a meeting that could affect the status of your job. We’re here for you. Get in touch with a member of your local Guild executive. For a list in your workplace, go to www.cmg.ca/cbcbranchcontacts.asp and click on your location.

Beware the dotted line: know your options before you sign
The Guild has become aware of situations where members are being urged to sign documents, including resignation letters, when it may not be in their best interest. Before you sign anything, including a resignation letter or a contract, get in touch with a Guild representative in your area to discuss your options and your rights.

New system dinging employees for travel expense claims
A new system the CBC has introduced to track travel expenses is denying some overnight incidental claims. The Travel Expense Management System (TEMS) enables employees to claim their expenses electronically and appears to create new practices around identifying legitimate expenses. If you have been denied a claim after using TEMS, please get in touch with a member of the grievance committee (contact information is below).

Is your schedule posted? Do you know where it is?
Schedules for employees are supposed to be posted on paper in a place where people can find them. This allows everyone working in an area to know their hours and how the work is being done. If you can’t find a posted schedule in your area, please request a posted schedule from your manager and let your local Guild reps know. Please also write to a member of the grievance committee with your work location and department.

The Guild and CBC settle 12 grievances since April
In the past three months, the Guild and CBC management have reached settlements on 12 grievances involving individual members that were either headed to, or at, arbitration. In two cases, non-permanent employees who had requested permanent status and were terminated both were reinstated into permanent jobs. In other cases, employees were either placed into new positions after receiving redundancy notices or received enhanced severance.

Your grievance committee:
Elaine Janes (chair) ? doubleej@hotmail.com
Annick Forest ? annickozie@hotmail.com
Christian Massey – massc@telus.net
John O’Connor – dldigital@sasktel.net
Bob Sharpe – bsharpe@nl.rogers.com
Jonathan Spence ? jonathan.spence@utoronto.ca
Bruce May, Staff Representative, CMG ? bruce@cmg.ca

This has been a report of the CMG National Grievance Committee.

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