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Guild and CBC discuss internships, privacy and discipline

At this week’s national grievance committee meeting, the Guild and CBC management discussed a number of issues related to the use of interns. The two sides have agreed that education is needed for CBC employees and managers who engage and supervise interns. Internships are meant to be learning opportunities for the selected interns. They are not meant to provide free work, even in an under-resourced department, and to avoid filling a vacancy. If you have concerns about how interns are used in your location, please raise them with a Guild representative.

The two sides also agreed that employees should be able to prevent their personal phone numbers from being published on staff lists. You must provide your personal phone number to management but have the right to keep it off the staff list.

A discipline case is headed for expedited arbitration, hopefully by the end of November. The Guild is charging that the member in question did not have access to union representation at the beginning of the investigation and is challenging the discipline.

A grievance on the assignment of Guild work to non-Guild employees is going back to the local committee in the location where it was filed for further discussion.

We recently settled two cases related to hiring and promotion. We understand CBC management is working on new guidelines for hiring and promotion. The Guild has been seeking a fair and objective hiring process that is the same in every location across the country.

Your Guild national grievance committee:

Marc-Philippe Laurin, chair
Margaret Fitzpatrick
Annick Forest
John O’Connor
Pam Petrin
Bob Sharpe
Louise St-Amand, CMG’s union services co-ordinator
Bruce May, CMG staff representative

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