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Guild looking for facilitators for Respect In The Workplace workshops

As part of a series of overall wellness initiatives aimed at building and maintaining a healthy workplace, the CBC and its employees’ unions will run Respect In The Workplace workshops throughout the fall for those people who missed the workshop the first time around. There are currently more than 4000 CBC employees who have not taken part since the workshops were completed in 2007.

We are seeking expressions of interest from Guild members who would be interested in being co-facilitators for the RIW sessions. Facilitators will be expected to attend a two-day train-the-facilitator session, planned for mid-September, and deliver a maximum of 10 half-day sessions between September and December. They would work with a management co-facilitator. The deadline is Thursday, July 25, 2013.

Here are the useful skills for this project:

1.      Some facilitation experience preferred
2.      Excellent interpersonal communication skills including ability to listen effectively
3.      Be able to link and connect ideas; think on your feet
4.      Be able to maintain an environment where participants from different backgrounds can engage in interactions and stay focused on course content
5.      Be sensitive to a group’s energy and be able to adjust accordingly to maintain engagement
6.      Bring compassion, confidence and a sense of safety to the classroom
7.      Be able to deliver instructions that are accurate, clear and concise
8.      Be able to maintain an appropriate pace and manage the group’s time during workshops

If you are interested, please contact the CMG at info@cmg.ca stating your previous facilitation experience, why you would like to be a facilitator for this project, what you would bring to the work and your general availability throughout the fall.

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