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Guild successful in saving jobs

The Canadian Media Guild was successful in getting the CBC to cancel eight redundancy notices for editors working at Newsworld International, which comes to an end this summer. The eight editors will be reassigned to available work elsewhere in the CBC’s news and current affairs area.

The good news is due to the efforts of the Guild’s local employment committee in Toronto, which put together the facts about the situation in news and current affairs and successfully headed off the eight layoffs. The committee continues to work hard to get reassignment opportunities for other employees facing layoff this summer, including some 30 more at NWI and 21 Toronto-based publicists affected by contracting out.

“Where local joint employment committees are allowed to work as they should, the Guild is often able to lessen the impact of job cuts planned by the Corporation,” says Guild staff representative Bruce May.

Elsewhere across the country, local employment committees have also been successful in getting reassignments or packages for many others among the dozens of employees whose jobs have been declared redundant this year.

Winnipeg has seen around 20 positions declared redundant in recent months, mainly due to program cancellations. After excellent work at the local joint employment committee, almost all of the affected employees were reassigned to other jobs.

In St. Johns, three producer positions were declared redundant at the end of February, when the CBC announced the cancellation of Country Canada’s Food Chain program. The local joint employment committee was able to find new positions for all three employees affected.

For more information, please contact Bruce May (bruce@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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