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Health and Safety guide and committee at CP

We are pleased to announce Nicole Thompson as your new CP health and safety representative. The committee is made up of union members and CP management. It develops policies and monitors health and safety issues, conducts physical inspections of work sites, and addresses complaints.

Here is more information on the role of the Health & Safety committee members:

– Participate in the development of health and safety policies and programs

– Participate in the development and monitoring of a program for the prevention of workplace hazards, according to regulations, that also provides for the health and safety education of employees

– Deal with matters raised by members and those referred to the committee or a health and safety representative

– Participate in inquiries, studies, investigations, and inspections as deemed necessary

– Monitor data on work accidents, injuries, and health hazards

– Participate in the development and monitoring of a program, if any, for the provision of personal protective equipment, clothing, and devices or materials

– Participate in the planning of the implementation, and the actual implementation, of changes that may affect health and safety, including work processes and procedures.

The committee also addresses health and safety recommendations that aim to eliminate or reduce the risks reported to the employer as per the new CA article 20.03: 

20.03 In accordance with the applicable provincial code, the policy committee shall: participate in the development of health and safety policies and programs; consider and deal with health and safety matters raised by members of the committee or referred by a workplace committee or H&S representative; participate to the extent necessary in investigations, studies and inspections related to occupational health and safety; co-operate with health and safety officers; and monitor data on work injuries and health hazards. The committee shall have the opportunity to make recommendations concerning ergonomics, air quality, furniture and protective equipment in areas where employees are regularly working. Such recommendations shall not be unreasonably dismissed and, when accepted by the Employer, shall be acted upon within 120 days unless the circumstances surrounding the adjustment cannot be reasonably or practically changed within that period.

You should report any actual or potential imminent health and safety hazards immediately to your supervisor. You do not need to wait for an inspection team to come by. In fact, health and safety legislation requires workers to report hazards to their supervisors. You can also report health and safety hazards to your health and safety committee or representative, and union by copying them on your report.

The immediate hazard reporting process allows workers to report unsafe conditions or practices when they notice them. This procedure allows quick reporting and actions can be taken to control risks and hazards without waiting for the next round of regular inspections. If the danger is not imminent, you can report your health and safety concerns on the hazard declaration form.

Risks can be reported to the health and safety committee at healthandsafety@thecanadianpress.com

If your hazard report does not generate a response or is not present in the minutes of the OHS committee meetings, you must first contact the health and safety committee to request an update or a response.

Finally, you will find more information on health and safety legislated processes in this guide.

If you have any further questions reach out to either a guild H&S committee member, a guild branch representative or your Staff Representative Julie-Anne at julieanne@cmg.ca.

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