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Help build our union at CBC/SRC in Toronto

We are looking for fellow Canadian Media Guild (CMG) members to participate on our union’s committees at CBC/Radio-Canada in Toronto, to serve members’ interests locally. The deadline for applications is Friday, February 15, 2019.

Committee work helps to ensure a better workplace at CBC/SRC in Toronto. Working and participating on a committee gives you a chance to contribute towards the well-being of our co-workers and to gain a deeper understanding of how our workplace operates.

If you are currently serving on one of the committees listed below, we encourage you to please re-apply. We will be seeking a mix of experienced candidates as well as fresh participants.

Please consider applying for one or more of the following union committees:

Local Joint Committee – This joint union-management committee addresses a variety of concerns that can be solved locally between CBC management and our union. Fact-finding and strong communication skills are needed. This committee requires one member to be from SRC, who will also sit on the Ontario SRC Regional Joint Committee.

Local Health & Safety Committee – This joint union-management committee deals with workplace protection issues. A good knowledge of our various working environments, as well as cooperative problem-solving skills are helpful. Responsibilities include conducting workplace inspections, and monthly Thursday meetings. Must be a CBC employee working five days per week.

Local Temporary Committee – This committee assesses the situation of employees hired under temporary status to determine if they are engaged properly, and works jointly with CBC’s human resources department to remedy classifications issues. Data management skills, a good working knowledge of the CMG-CBC Collective Agreement, as well as thorough understanding of the CBC workplace structure are essential.

Local Joint Employment Committee (Workforce Adjustment) – This is a joint union-management committee that works to find alternate jobs within CBC for members given a layoff or redundancy notice. Committee members meet with affected individuals, examine their skills, and try to find another workable position within CBC.

Local Grievance Committee – Any grievances filed at the Location Unit level are dealt with by this joint union-management committee. The committee’s union members meet in tandem with management and representatives of the human resources department to look for resolutions.

Local Toronto Election Committee – This CMG committee is charged with running all Location Unit elections, ensuring there is fairness in the process, and that proper protocol is being followed. CMG members who currently hold an elected position are not eligible to serve on this committee.

PMSD Committee – This union-management committee is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Performance Management Staff Development (PMSD) process in Toronto for CMG members. If there are concerns with PMSD implementation, committee members try and solve the issues as they come up.

The deadline for applications is Friday, February 15, 2019.

Please send an email to CBC Toronto’s local union Secretary , Karen Tiveron, at karen.cmgto@gmail.com with your name and a non-CBC email address, and indicate which committee(s) you are applying for.

We will send you a link to a google form where you can explain why you’re interested in a specific committee – Please also show any relevant background and skills that you bring to this work.

Your Toronto Location Unit Executive Committee, CBC Branch, Canadian Media Guild: https://www.cmg.ca/toronto/cbc/local-executive/

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