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Information for CP/BN members regarding CBC Lockout

Dear colleagues and fellow CMGers:

Many of you have been asking what you can do to show support for your unionized colleagues at the CBC, who are facing unprecedented aggression by the corporation’s management as they attempt to defend a core Canadian value of public broadcasting.

Our own CP/BN collective agreement does not allow us to refuse to handle CBC copy any differently from the way we normally would. Nor, obviously, can we refuse to cross CBC picket lines in the legitimate pursuit of an assignment, though there may be delays.

However, with more than 5,000 members, the CBC forms the bulk of our union – the Canadian Media Guild – and CBC management’s attack on them is an attack on all of us. It is critical that we succeed collectively in fighting off this ugly assault. To that end, your support is both valued and valuable.

There are various ways to do that. Consider walking a picket line in your own time – with your own sign. Or you might want to deliver coffee or donuts or similar to pickets. Contact local strike committees in your location to find out what might be most welcome. (In Toronto, lockout headquarters is at 416-548-8431 or 8432). We are also looking at organizing a collective solidarity march with TVO/Tfo, Vision and our other branches.

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