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Update – Latest round of cuts at CBC introduces new work methods – CMG to defend members’ rights

CMG is disappointed that CBC failed to consult the union on introducing new work methods with the latest round of cuts, a violation of our collective agreement.

The union has put the CBC on notice that, in our view, Article 50 (Introduction of new work methods & practices) of the CBC/CMG Collective Agreement applies in the case of recent cuts. CBC is clearly putting in place new work methods and practices that will lead to major changes in the work done on all platforms, particularly in television, online and mobile.

Our collective agreement requires the employer to provide notice when looking at significant changes with great impact on working conditions, and must consult the union so the two parties can examine the reason and nature of the change, its impact, etc.  There was no consultation with the union ahead of the shifts that have just been introduced, and no notice.

CMG will be defending members wherever it is deemed he/she has been denied their collective agreement rights under the provisions regarding new work methods and practices.

Workforce adjustment committee meetings under way in locations across the country

Workforce adjustment assessments have started, and CMG leaders in locations across the country are working hard to find fair and effective ways to deal with the latest cuts and, wherever possible, help the 241 members affected.

Despite the notice to the CBC regarding Article 50, in the case of newly created positions CMG and CBC have agreed to use reassignment for jobs in the same classification and bands. This means that for example, Reporter-editors can be assigned to the newly created Data Journalist, Web Writer and Copy Editor positions. Both sides also agree that local newsrooms will look to existing staff in their newsroom first, including those who have received a redundancy notice, to fill a vacancy. If a non-redundant employee is successful in getting the position, the new vacancy can be used to help reduce the number of redundancies in the location. If an employee with a redundancy notice is re-assigned, the notice is cancelled.

Web Writer, Copy Editor and Data Journalist as well as Digital Editor positions will be filled based on reassignment (including tests where they exist) of location employees whether they have received a redundant notice or not.  Only if no one in the location is found to be qualified will the positions be posted but not filled until the local committee has given its approval.

For the Social Editor, Video Producer or Video Journalist roles,  the location will post the jobs internally and externally,  but only start interviews if there are no qualified employees on the redundancy list.

For new positions in higher pay bands, both sides have agreed that members affected by the cuts will have the first opportunity to apply. Preference will be given to employees in classifications that have been made redundant and internal candidates will be interviewed first. For example, the higher-band video producer/veejay will first go to the local joint employment committee and all rights under the collective agreement will be honoured.  If a non-redundant videographer gets a new position, that will create a vacancy in the videographer pool and one of the redundancies will be alleviated.  Any test given in this process will be for the sole purpose of measuring someone’s knowledge.

While the Corporation will post in the normal way, it will not interview any non-CBC candidates until all internal candidates have had an opportunity to be interviewed.

If there are questions or concerns, please contact your location Workforce Adjustment Committee members or speak to your location president.  You can also contact me directly at mplaurin@gmail.com (819) 664-5090 or the CMG office at info@cmg.ca or 1-800-465-4149.

Marc-Philippe Laurin
CBC Branch President, CMG 

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