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More needed to ensure members’ health and safety

The CMG is relieved the difficult decision was made to cancel the broadcast of the 2020 Juno Awards from Saskatoon. 

We recognize the event is a highlight for many members who relish the opportunity to work on live production. We also know fans across the country have been looking forward to the awards. But we have heard from so many of you, sharing a deep and real concern about the potential health impacts, that we know we have to support whatever measures are necessary to ensure health and safety is never compromised at work.

As Canadians continue to adjust to this evolving public health situation, the union is also encouraging employers, especially large employers such as CBC/Radio-Canada, to drop the requirement that employees provide a sick note from their physician.

We urge the CBC to have a national process on this as leaving it up to each manager in each location fosters confusion, disparity and frustration.

We also ask the Corporation to allow more widespread work from home and use of technology to work remotely, including for conducting interviews.

As previously recommended, we encourage you to speak to your manager about options, and to send questions to info-2019-ncov@radio-canada.

And CMG Staff Reps are here to help:

Marianne Malo Chenard (based in Edmonton)

Joël Tétreault (based in Winnipeg)

Lauren Baert (based in Toronto)

Ally Ding (based in Toronto)

Terri Monture (based in Toronto)

Olivier Desharnais-Roy (based in Ottawa)

Enrico DiFruscio (based in Halifax)

CMG national office: 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149, or info@cmg.ca.

With best wishes,
Kim Trynacity,
President, CBC/Radio-Canada Branch, Canadian Media Guild (CMG)

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