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National Grievance Committee Communique for September 2016

The committee met the week of September 12 to discuss new and existing grievances.

There were 17 outstanding grievances of which 6 were settled, 1 was returned to the location for further discussion, and 1 was referred to the National Joint Committee. There are 8 items at or awaiting arbitration 2 of which were resolved before reaching the arbitrator.

There were 5 new grievances, 4 of those dealt with Medical Privacy and Denial of Benefits and 1 dealt with an Access to Information Request to the CBC that infringes on the rights of the union and CMG members to privileged communications.

The committee continues discussions with the CBC in an effort to create a medical form that addresses the rights to privacy that our members are entitled to under law.
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The committee will meet again the week of November 14th, discussions on all issues will continue in the interim.

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