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New Guild committees at CBC

The Guild executive at CBC met last weekend and appointed members to national committees. We want to thank all the members who sent in applications. Note that the new policy on committees requires the Executive to ensure as much as possible a mix of experienced and new members as well as representation from the regions, departments and equity-seeking groups.

Here are the eight newly-appointed committees:

Health & Safety
Kerry Adams (Chair)
Wil Fundal
Glen Guerin
Gabriel Durocher (Guild Staff)

Joint Employment Equity
Robert Ballantyne (as CBC branch director, human rights and equity)
Shameda Saffee
Ing Wong-Ward
Terri Monture (Guild Staff)

National Joint Committee
Marc-Philippe Laurin (as Branch president)
Carrie Bradshaw
Barb Saxberg
Dan Oldfield (Guild Staff)

Consultative Committee on Staff Benefits
Barb Saxberg
Nicole Gauthier
Jon Soper
Carrie Bradshaw
Bob Fisher
Marc-Philippe Laurin (as Branch president)
Don Oldfield (Guild Staff)
Gabriel Durocher (Guild Staff)

National Grievance Committee
Marc-Philippe Laurin (as Branch president)
Margaret Fitzpatrick
Robert Sharpe
Jennifer Bork
John O’Connor
Annick Forest
Bruce May (Guild Staff)

Employee Assistance Program*
Peter Chiu
Lorne Izzard
Claude Gagnon
Helene Dupr?-Espeut
Gaynette Spafford
Karen Mair

*The new committee term begins in the fall.

Barbara Saxberg (as Branch director, education)
Glen Guerin
Christina Sorenson
Don Flatt

Joint Employment Planning committee*
Vladimir Dimitrijevic
Glenn Gray (Guild Staff)

*We are still looking for two more members with experience in this area.

We would like to thank all of the outgoing members of the committees for their service to the Guild:
Tom Fink
Victoria Goodfellow
Elaine Janes
Ralph Legare
Christian Massey
Harry Mesh
Damian Morrissey
Mac Skelton
Jonathan Spence

For more information, contact the Guild (info@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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