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One arbitration set to go, more to follow

The Canadian Media Guild is pushing ahead to resolve problems at TVOntario that have gone unresolved for too long.

We now have an arbitrator and hearing dates in August to deal with the “omnibus” grievance we filed a year ago. That grievance relates to the flawed process TVO management used to lay off Guild members, and to the hiring of freelancers to replace permanent employees who were being let go. We have been determined, patient and, frankly, hopeful that a negotiated settlement could be found. But discussion, and even mediation, have been fruitless.

Several new grievances are being filed on other matters. First, we are alleging that management has placed an employee in the CEP bargaining unit, although it is clear that she is performing CMG work. Secondly, we believe TVO has mistreated a laid-off employee by not calling her back to work when work became available. Thirdly, HR is refusing to deal fairly with Senior Producer/Directors with regard to their rights in the event of staff reductions.

We will seek appointment of arbitrators for these new grievances at the earliest possible opportunity. If management drags its feet, we will ask the provincial Minister of Labour to appoint arbitrators.

The Guild’s National Executive Committee has unanimously endorsed the TVO executive’s decision to move forward on these matters. We believe that these issues are important to all members at TVO, and we will work hard to get the best possible results.

For more information, please contact Carol Burtin Fripp at cbf@tvo.org or contact the Guild office at guild@interlog.com .

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