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Pre-payments vs buy-outs for overtime, and holiday pay

The CBC and individual employees can work out agreements for payment in advance for expected overtime. These agreements are either for pre-payments or buy-outs. It is important to note that neither type of agreement includes pay for a holiday that falls within the period of the deal. Even if you have an overtime deal, CBC still owes you holiday pay if you work on a statutory holiday.

A pre-payment involves estimating how much overtime you will work and getting the overtime pay up front. Continue to log your overtime hours on your time card and, if you end up working more than the time for which you were compensated, claim the difference.

Buy-outs, on the other hand, involve coming to an agreement on an estimated amount of overtime and receiving payment for that agreed amount of time. You can’t claim more compensation, even if you are required to work more overtime than anticipated. For this reason, the Guild doesn’t recommend that members agree to overtime buy-outs.

See article 60.7 of the collective agreement for more information: http://www.cmg.ca/CBCbranchcollagreement2004-9-EN.pdf .

And remember: if you worked a holiday and were not paid for it outside of a pre-payment or buy-out deal, CBC owes you the choice of money or lieu time.

For more information, contact the Guild (info@cmg.ca) at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.

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