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Setting the record straight at Corus

We know that Corus management has sent several notes in the workplace that are confusing and concerning.

These notes have been sent without consultation with or the agreement of the Canadian Media Guild (CMG), your new union.

Now that you are represented by CMG, Corus cannot unilaterally decide new terms and working conditions. Any changes in terms and conditions need to be negotiated and approved by the union.

Until a new collective agreement is negotiated or otherwise agreed, CMG’s position is that it will be business as usual. 

This means that if you were previously a Shaw member, you remain under the existing collective agreement, and if you are a Corus employee who is new to the union, your conditions of work stay the same as they have been all along. You have no obligation to personally sign anything that is asking you to revoke your rights to existing benefits, or to change your working conditions in any way.

If Corus takes unilateral actions that are detrimental to employees, or that have the effect of intimidating or punishing employees for choosing to be represented by the Guild, CMG will file a complaint with the Labour Board.

The Labour Board will soon issue the union certificate. Following this, CMG will give Corus “notice to bargain” and schedule dates for negotiations. At the same time, we will work together to set bargaining priorities and to select workplace representatives from within the new bargaining unit who will negotiate the collective agreement.

Corus employees can contact Kat Lapointe (kat@cmg.ca, 416-795-8598) or Matt Douglas (matt@cmg.ca, 647-449-8169) with questions.

More: http://cmg.ca/corus/

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