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The Saint John 7 head into the Holiday Season with no deal

As we celebrate the Holidays, Guild members at MBS Radio in Saint John will have been on strike for nearly six months seeking a fair deal from their employer, Halifax-based MBS Radio. The seven announcers and administrative staff work at a small private station and are looking for a first agreement from their employer.



“We are disappointed¬†that we did not get the results we hoped for¬†at our recent¬†meeting with the employer. We were hoping to be¬†back at work by Christmas,” said Gary Stackhouse, Guild president at MBS Radio in Saint John.¬† The CMG¬†bargaining team¬†met with¬†MBS¬†on November 30 in Halifax under the auspices of¬† federal mediator Barney Dobbin. Although the two sides¬†were able to reduce the number of outstanding non-monetary issues, the key issue of wages remains unresolved, and no further¬†talks¬†are scheduled at this time.


Helping others in need this Holiday season 


Despite¬†the¬†tough six months, the Saint John Seven¬†took a break from the picket line and organized their annual Holiday drive¬†for those in need.¬†¬†This year again, the community came through¬†in a big way, and the group¬†filled a trailer and a half¬†in 48 hours, with¬†proceeds¬†going¬†to¬†a women’s shelter and¬†Saint¬†John’s ¬†west side and uptown food banks.


David and Goliath story captivates and motivates workers from coast to coast 


The seven members on strike have been touched by the incredible support and generosity from their community but also from workers across the country. From the beginning, the David and Goliath story has motivated people across the country to stand with the courageous workers giving what support they can.


“We needed a union very badly, but because of the culture of fear within the company, we were all too scared to try to get help in the form of a union. Things like broken equipment never being repaired, going with no air conditioning for a year and a half, no¬†across-the-board wage increases in 12 years, news being done out of market, etc., drove the seven of us to unionizing.”

MBS worker


This holiday season, Guild members are passing the hat at their Holiday gatherings to give their peers in Saint John something to be cheery about.


“I never imagined that complete strangers would take the time out of their lives to come to the aid of 7 people. I never knew¬†the word Union actually meant Family… this is how the experience is making me feel… gaining an unexpected extended family.”

MBS worker

Thank you and keep the support coming:

CMG at MBS Saint John
201 Union Street
Saint John, NB E2L 1A9


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