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The union is calling for well-considered action

I know from the emails we have been receiving, many of you have strong opinions regarding outside paid work. It’s something we support in principle because when well managed it allows many of you to do positive and beneficial work in the community, work that has often reflected well on the CBC and on the union.

It has allowed you the freedom to work on films, in music, write books, teach, contribute to discussions, academic pursuits, and do other creative projects outside of the CBC.  We know you appreciate having this opportunity because we also hear that.

However like you, we realize this freedom can be a problem if not managed properly. So we have rules for managing it.  Article 12 of CBC/CMG Collective Agreement says: “recognizable on-air personalities must discuss any outside activities with their supervisor before engaging in outside activities”.

In other words, there are protections in place for outside activities to be positive. Article 12 makes it clear CBC can refuse requests a manager determines with good reason would adversely affect the employee’s work for the CBC.  So why not just enforce the existing rules? Do we really need  a  general ban?

This in a nutshell is one of our concerns about the proposed ban.

But there is another pressing issue: our concern that this arbitrary decision could set a dangerous precedent. If the union turns a blind eye while the company ignores the rules it has agreed that everyone will use, and makes a new rule without any discussion, what else in our negotiated collective agreement will the CBC decide to dismiss? That is why we are forced to object. That way we can ensure that the rules in place are being respected, and if not we can work together to make improvements.

As always our goal is to create a healthy, positive, and fair working environment. Thank you for your understanding.


Carmel Smyth
National President, CMG


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