Time to rest

With summer approaching, it may be hard to plan family time, a backyard barbeque, or a reunion with friends during this pandemic lockdown.

It will, however, be a time we could all use to unplug, take a breath, and not struggle to meet a deadline, let alone trying to work while juggling additional responsibilities like homeschooling children and caring for elderly parents, that have come with the COVID-19 crisis.  

We work all year long and accumulate annual leave, and despite the unprecedented conditions we are now living in, it is still recommended that we take real time off:  an emotional and physical break to preserve our own health. 

When the lockdown measures began, we urged CBC/Radio-Canada to postpone the deadline to request annual leave, giving members until April 30 this year.

With that date fast approaching, your union colleagues urge you to take your planned annual leave as much as possible.

We also remind members that you are entitled to exercise seniority rights with annual leave requests.

This time away from your screen or equipment will give you a much needed and well-deserved mental break.  Please don’t worry about abandoning the ship in a crisis or letting your team down.  Taking a real break will be beneficial to your own mental and physical health.  As you know, there are many temporary workers at CBC who will be available to fill in and relieve your workload.  

Additionally, keeping temporary employees working during the pandemic will be an added incentive for them to stay on at CBC when life returns to something much more normal.

Stay well.

In solidarity in strange times,

CBC/Radio-Canada CMG Executive Committee

President, Kim Trynacity (Kimtrynacitycmg@gmail.com)

Vice-President, Bob Sharpe (bsharpe.cmg@gmail.com)

Secretary-Treasurer, Lorne Shapiro (Lorne.ShapiroCMG@gmail.com)

Director – Toronto, Naomi Robinson (naomi.cmgto@gmail.com)

Director – Diversity and Human Rights, Saïda Ouchaou-Ozarowski (saidacmg@gmail.com)

Director – SRC, Dominique Gauthier (dgauthier007@gmail.com)

Director – Atlantic, Elke Semerad (elke.j.semerad@gmail.com)

Director – BC, Lisa Christiansen (lisachrist@gmail.com)

Director – North, Pauline Pemik (arviaqpalukradio@live.ca)

Director – Ontario, Pierre Millette (pierremillette@yahoo.ca)

Director – Prairies (AB, SK, MB), Trent Peppler (trentpeppler@hotmail.com)


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