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Toronto committee supports Broadcasting Centre, more money for CBC

A City of Toronto committee has passed a resolution to press for more funding for the CBC and a revitalized Broadcast Centre, following a presentation by CMG representatives last night.

The resolution from the city’s Arts and Culture Roundtable calls on the City of Toronto to “proclaim the importance of the Broadcasting Centre and its production facilities as a resource to the city’s broader arts and culture sector.”

It also asks the City to “call on the federal government to increase CBC’s parliamentary allotment to allow for more original programming production for TV, radio and cbc.ca.”

Guild leaders asked the Roundtable to consider the Broadcasting Centre a cultural facility on par with other cultural buildings in the city that are now undergoing a high-profile renaissance. The members were also asked to support efforts to increase the CBC’s federal funding in order to preserve the downtown television and film production capability provided by the TV design department.

“We have always believed that what happens to the Broadcasting Centre should be a matter of public debate and public policy,” says Arnold Amber, president of the Guild’s CBC Branch. “That’s why we took our case to the city. More importantly, we are seeking public allies in CBC’s fight to get the funding it needs. We think this is a positive alternative to leasing out space to make money.”

Following the Guild’s presentation, Roundtable member Kevin Garland, of the National Ballet of Canada, said the performing arts community “should be protesting this sellout” of the design department.

Roundtable chair and city councillor Kyle Rae said CBC management was showing an “appalling lack of vision and judgement” in its quest to close down departments in order to make money on the commercial real estate market.

For more information on the Guild campaign, go to www.stopthesellout.ca .

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