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Two shots coming this flu season

The CBC is developing a national program to prepare for the potential of an H1N1 flu outbreak this fall and winter involving increased flu awareness. The seasonal flu vaccine available to employees that is half funded by the Consultative Committee on Staff Benefit is different from the H1N1 vaccine. In other words, getting vaccinated for both swine flu and your garden-variety annual flu will take more than one shot.

The CCSB recently negotiated a slight increase in the interest Great West Life pays on the more than $50 million we set aside to cover Long-term Disability claims. The increase will earn $100,000 more into the fund this year. We continue to have more than 300 CBC employees off work on LTD and we closely monitor the plan to make sure it’s still in good shape to help members.

As well, union and pensioner representatives have worked out some new principles for how we will use money accumulated over decades from surplus premiums in a variety of employee-paid insurance plans. We’ve used some of this money in the past to help pay for special projects such as Respect in the Workplace, the Brun survey on psychological health at the CBC and the flu vaccine program. The money is also used for the Special Assistance Fund (SAF), which helps employees and pensioners bear the cost of special or extraordinary health care expenses that aren’t covered by any other health care programs. For more information on the SAF, visit www.cmg.ca/CBCbranchspecialasstfundEN.shtml.

Last year Guild members ratified a union-pensioners-CBC agreement on pension fund surplus sharing and our supplemental health care plan. That agreement included setting up a special committee to oversee costs and trends related to the health plan. At this meeting, Dan Oldfield and Jon Soper were named as your representative to that new group.

Your representatives at the September CCSB meeting:
Bob Fisher
Marc-Philippe Laurin
Ralph Legare
Carrie May
Barbara Saxberg
Jon Soper
Gabi Durocher
Dan Oldfield

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