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Union happy to report salary raise for Associate Producers

The CMG has reached an agreement with the CBC to increase the salary of Associate Producers (AP).

Once this agreement is implemented, Associate Producers will be compensated at a band 8 level, up from the current band 7.

This change will affect APs on all platforms in all areas of work across the country.

The CMG continues to work to re-classify a sub-group of APs doing specific, higher-level work. Discussions are ongoing.

There are nearly 600 permanent, temporary or contract Associate Producers across the country.

We are waiting to hear from the Corporation when this change will be implemented and what the immediate adjustment will look like. The CMG is urging the CBC to implement this as soon as possible.

The change is a result of a joint union-company review process at the National Job Evaluation Committee. This committee continues to assess CBC’s job descriptions and compensation. You can find more information on the committee here.

Another job category under review is the Reporter/Editor job classification.

Just like with APs, CMG has determined that there is a sub-group of R/Es across the country doing a higher level of work than recognized by the band 8 classification level.

The Union has made a detailed proposal to the Corporation on how to address this.

Questions or concerns, please contact your union rep here.

The Guild committee consists of Ron Boileau, Brad Childs, Lyne-Françoise Pelletier, Joel Feltrin, Staff Representatives Marianne Malo-Chenard and Patrick Legay.

Thank you all for the great amount of time and effort you have given on this and other classification issues!

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