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Union petition urging CBC/Radio-Canada to do better

The union continues to fight for extra compensation and measures to recognize members who came into the workplace throughout the pandemic, who put their safety on the line by working in public settings, and who must dramatically disrupt their lives once again, and relocate to the office.

Many of us worked from home and others accepted increased stress and potential health risks by coming into the office or going in the field, in order to ensure CBC’s maximum performance during the challenging past two years and a half.

Our union has repeatedly asked the corporation to recognize this significant work by CMG members. Unfortunately, to date, CBC has rejected our arguments for recognition measures.

In addition, the corporation is also refusing to consider a general all staff pay boost, that might compensate for the high inflation as well as other costs members have personally incurred. This is disappointing, particularly given the current surplus in our pension plan.

For these reasons, we are taking the unusual step of calling on all members to sign a petition urging the CBC to do better –  for all of us.

The link to the petition has been emailed to members – Please sign the petition by June 5.

CBC/Radio-Canada Branch Executive Committee
Canadian Media Guild

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