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Union to meet with Shaw management over grievances

We will meet with Shaw management next week to discuss the two grievances the union has filed in recent weeks. The first deals with the fact that at least four members are not being paid the minimum rates set out in the collective agreement. The second deals with the company’s use of an unpaid intern to do bargaining unit work.

We look forward to fruitful discussions with the company in order to resolve these issues. We have not met with management on any issue since our last bargaining session on April 29. We are also looking forward to getting back to the bargaining table at the end of the month in the presence of federal conciliator Jennifer Webster. This should be an opportunity to continue the dialogue and begin to establish a long-term and productive working relationship with Shaw management.

We would like to set up a member phone/text tree to ensure we can all keep in good contact over the summer months as we head into the crucial stretch of bargaining. One of your colleagues will be in touch with you to find out the number where you would like to be reached with a brief update call or text. That will also be a person you can get in touch with if you have questions, concerns or ideas to share. Of course, we will continue to send regular updates by email, too. And you can always check the blog click here

Thanks for your ongoing support.

Your Guild executive:
Mike Duong, Shaw branch president
Chris Beesley
Katy Boudreau
Brent Tennant

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