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Unions take issue with unfair CBC workplace survey

All four unions representing workers at CBC/Radio-Canada take issue with the recent “Employee Experience” survey the corporation asked members to fill out.

The Canadian Media Guild (CMG), Syndicat des communications de Radio-Canada (SCRC), Association of Professionals and Supervisors (APS), and Association des réalisateurs (AR) are united in their frustration with the way the survey questions are framed, and the lack of context and transparency provided to members.

The questions in the survey, while framed as a review of employee priorities, take direct aim at the hard-fought-for benefits we now enjoy.

While we acknowledge CBC/Radio-Canada has a right to ask you questions, we think those questions, and the method used to acquire information, ought to be fair.

This is clearly not the case here. No information is provided about the impact of the options suggested by the survey, and there is no input from the unions.

It’s also disappointing to us that the corporation picked this time – when we are all dealing with the many challenges caused by COVID-19 in our work and family lives, many of us in isolation from each other – to raise these issues with employees.
As your union representatives, we don’t recommend you complete the survey in its current form, as we believe the data might be presented in an attempt to erode the benefits we’ve worked so hard for.

KiM Trynacity, CMG CBC Branch President
Pierre Tousignant, SCRC President
Stéphane Désautels, APS President
Luc Tremblay, AR President

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