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VICE Canada co-workers pull together to face job cuts

Dear fellow members of the Canadian Media Guild (CMG),

I am sorry to confirm that with today’s announcement of the end of the deal between VICE Canada and Rogers Media, workers and members at VICE Canada will be facing job cuts.

This business decision means that dedicated and talented people will lose work. There will be a direct impact on those who create, and otherwise support, programming at VICE Canada – programming that can’t be found anywhere else.

That said, the collective agreement that co-workers negotiated with the company last May includes protections for VICE Canada union members facing layoff. CMG staff will also be with members to talk through your options. That includes discussing a provision in the collective agreement that allows for employees interested in a voluntary layoff to indicate your availability. 

Permanent employees who end up being laid off will have severance and recall rights; you can get more information here.

Those working in Toronto can speak with CMG Staff representative Terri Monture (terri@cmg.ca) and those working in Montreal can talk to CMG staff representative Karen Wirsig (Karen@cmg.ca) or Federico Carvajal (Federico@cmg.ca).

In these circumstances, even those who remain employed in the workplace are affected in some way or another. Understandably, there will be many reflections, questions, and concerns. As more information becomes available, CMG members will continue to support one another, pull together, and to make sure everyone’s rights are respected during this difficult time.

We achieve a great deal together as co-workers, both on the job and collectively as union members. We honour the best in ourselves and in each other when we combine our dedication, efforts, and creativity in both regards – together, when we produce quality work for media organizations like VICE Canada, and together, when we join as union members to ensure important and necessary workplace provisions, especially at times like these.

With respect, in solidarity,

Kamala Rao
National President
Canadian Media Guild

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