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We need your help and Info session for Temporary Workers

Dear colleagues working in temporary jobs at CBC/Radio-Canada,

As part of the union’s ongoing campaign to convert temporary roles into permanent jobs and curb CBC’s over-reliance on precarious work, we want to share these next steps and a call to action:

You asked for, and we have put together a fact sheet on your rights as a temp and how the union can help. We hope this information will ease the frustration of the many challenges. As always, we encourage you to reach out to CMG staff reps for confidential discussions.

Temporary workers’ meeting next week
You are invited to a temporary workers’ call Tuesday, October 4 at 7 p.m. via ZOOM. We’ll take questions, deal with problems of accessing benefits, leave and conversions – including explanation of the differences between “-13 and + 13 temporary contracts”.

Help stop damaging scheduling practices
As we work to prove much temp work is ‘ongoing’ and should be permanent, we need to prevent the Corporation from engaging in scheduling practices that are detrimental to establishing a long-term career. To do this we need your help, we need copies of temporary workers’ weekly schedules.

Providing the union with this information will assist in stopping questionable assigning practices that contribute to keeping hundreds of our colleagues, often young and diverse, in insecure roles with random shifts, constant rotation, and unpredictable benefits.

This review of scheduling practices is part of CMG’s efforts to collect the data necessary to challenge CBC/Radio-Canada to address precarious work, now and at the bargaining table (our collective expires in 2024).

Please send your information in confidence to: karina@cmg.ca

Check out the CMG Long Term temp recognition initiative
A big thank-you again to colleagues who participated in a recent action to recognize long term temps as part of this campaign: You represented the concerns of many who could not speak out for fear of retaliation – particularly CBC temporary workers who are young, Indigenous, Black, and People of colour.

CMG fights for jobs and recognition for temporary workers

Help recognize Temporary Workers at CBC

Recognition for temporary workers at CBC – Members share their appreciation

Contacting you
If you haven’t signed a union card, we may not have your contact info.
Please click on https://www.cmg.ca/en/membership-card/ to sign a union card.

We expect everyone working at the public broadcaster to have access to fair working conditions, opportunities and a living wage. The high number of temporary workers is a problem for all of us, and for future generations of media workers.

CMG Temp Task Force- Working to help Temporary Workers at CBC
Carmel Smyth, President
Brent Cousland, Chair
Eva Uguen-Csenge,  CBC Branch Precarious Workers Director
Annick Forest, Western Region
Elke Semerad, Ottawa
Matt Douglas, CMG Staff Rep Toronto

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