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We’re looking for volunteers for CP joint committees

Now that our new collective agreement is in place, we have to set ourselves to the task of making sure both sides live up to the commitments made during bargaining.  To that end, a number of committees exist to keep an eye on things and we have some vacancies.

The primary joint committee is called the Employee-Employer or “E-E” committee. This group’s main responsibility is to oversee and maintain the relationship between The Canadian Press and Guild members.

The national Health and Safety committee is mandated by the Canada Labour Code to ensure that CP has appropriate policies and procedures in place to promote employee safety and help prevent accidents. There is a joint Staff Benefits committee to deal with – no guessing, please – employee benefits, and a Training committee to assist in developing a national training plan. Other committees are created on an as-needed basis. Time commitments vary somewhat, but aren’t onerous.

If you’ve participated in one of these committees before and would like to continue your involvement, or if you haven’t participated before and would like to start, please contact CP Branch president Terry Pedwell or CMG staff rep Keith Maskell (keith@cmg.ca). In selecting committee members we’ll do our best to reflect a variety of job classifications and geographic locations as well as gender and experience level.

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