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$500 grant to Guild members affected by job cuts in 2009 or 2010

If you have lost your job or taken a package because of downsizing in 2009 or 2010, you are eligible for $500 from the Canadian Media Guild’s Canadian parent union, CWA/SCA Canada, toward any training or education course.

CWA/SCA Canada developed the grant program in response to widespread job cuts in the media industry. The union will provide $500 to any eligible Guild member who provides CWA/SCA Canada proof of payment for a skills training or education course of their choice. The course does not have to be related to the media. More than $25,000 in grants were issued in 2009, and the program has been extended again to cover those members affected in 2011.

Alternatively, members can take a course offered by CWA/Nett, a program of our US parent union, the Communications Workers of America. CWA/Nett provides online and in-person training designed to help media workers expand their skills.

Applications must be received by the end of 2010. Contact Joanne Scheel at CWA/SCA Canada for more information.

To learn more about CWA/Nett and its courses, click here.

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