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CJFE’s 15 annual Gala honours courageous reporting at home and abroad

The 15th annual Gala of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CFJE) honouring courageous reporting from home and abroad was held on December 5 under the theme : What you don’t know can hurt you.

The 2012 CJFE Award winners

Enquête (Canada)
Tara Singh Hayer Memorial Award

Rami Jarrah (Syria)
International Press Freedom Award

Mae Azango (Liberia)
International Press Freedom Award

Daniel Henry (Canada)
Vox Libera Award


in quotes

“You see, so many thousands of citizen journalists have sacrificed their lives across Syria to convey the brutal and sometimes astonishing events taking place in Syria. (…) I will  accept this award but only on behalf and in full dedication to the citizen journalists of Syria.”

Rami Jarrah in his acceptance speech via video from Syria


in pictures

Journalist Alain Gravel from Radio-Canada’s Enquête winner of the 2012 Tara Singh Hayer Award at the CJFE Gala with CMG pres Carmel Smyth and CMG comms director Jeanne d’Arc Umurungi




Mae Azango winner of the 2012 CJFE International Press Freedom Award with Kim Benoît, CMG pres at TFO and Michelle MCQuigge, CMG member with the Canadian Press



















in numbers

Number of journalists killed so far in 2012, the bulk of them in Syria

Canada’s rank in the world for access to information (was 40th last year)


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