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CMG awards The Canadian Press member Terry Pedwell with the union’s highest honour

Please join us in congratulating journalist and longtime union activist Terry Pedwell who has received our union’s highest honour – the Canadian Media Guild’s Meritorious Service Award.
Along with a high profile job as a reporter on Parliament Hill, and filing daily, Terry Pedwell has been an outspoken advocate for media workers for two decades.

He has held the highest union office at The Canadian Press (CP), President of the CMG executive committee, been a leader at the bargaining table, negotiated for members’ rights, and played an active role in a visionary team that revamped CP’s employee pension program.

In nominating Terry for this award, the biggest vote of gratitude the union can bestow, Terry’s colleagues shared a deep respect for his humanity and compassion, and for his willingness to help others.

In addition to being one of the longest serving union presidents, Terry was the first to travel across the country promoting five different collective agreements.

Quotes from his nomination include:

“There were times I knew he was dealing with personal stuff that would have driven lots of people crazy but Terry always kept it together and was a solid calming presence.”
-former CP member/ CMG National Vice-President, Scott Edmonds

“He has led us through some of the most turbulent times the company and Guild have seen.” 
-former CP/CMG president, Colin Perkel

And from CWA-Canada, our parent union:

“On top of working a full-time job, Terry put in countless volunteer hours at night and on weekends serving his colleagues, without the dedication and selflessness of people like him, we simply would not have a strong union.”
-CWA Canada President and CP colleague, Martin O’Hanlon

Join us in celebrating Terry’s legacy of volunteer work, to honour that he has made serving his colleagues and the union a career-long and lifetime achievement.

Terry, on behalf of all of us, thank you.

Carmel  Smyth
President, Canadian Media Guild (CMG)


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