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Harry Mesh is the recipient of the President’s Award for 2013

Congratulations to Harry Mesh, this year’s recipient of the President’s Award.

A respected and admired CMG member from Newfoundland and Labrador, Harry has dedicated countless hours over many years to volunteering for union committees, advocating on behalf of colleagues and working to make the workplace better. Harry represents the Atlantic region on the CBC executive committee (BEC).


Harry and MPL


I have learned a lot at the Guild, made many friends, and truly appreciate this award!
Harry Mesh





The Award was presented this month at the bi-annual CBC Presidents’ Council. The prize is awarded through a nomination process by colleagues from across CBC.

“We present the CBC Branch President’s Award every two years to a Guild member for an exceptional achievement on behalf of CMG members or the labour movement, or for long-term service to the union that is exceptional in nature.  Harry is truly a deserving recipient of this honour from his colleagues, and I congratulate him both for this award and for his great contribution to our union,” said Marc-Philippe Laurin, CMG president at CBC. Laurin said the weekend-long meeting included a look at matters that face CBC and other media workers – including an open session with management – and the President’s Award was an important highlight because it brings into focus the values of unions at their best: dedication, working together and solving problems.

Other CMG members who received well-deserved honourable mentions at the meeting are also admired and respected by their peers for their generous union work and the help they give to colleagues. These runner-ups are: Tony Germin (Toronto), Chris Turner (New Brunswick), Wil Fundal (Prince George), Elaine Janes (Toronto), Bob Péladeau (Ottawa), Claryse Boulineau (Toronto), Jo-Ann Roberts (Victoria), Colin Preston (Vancouver and a two-time nominee), Allan Gofenko (Yelllowknife).


Chris Turner



I feel everything I gave to the membership was paid back to me many fold. My Union work was without doubt the most rewarding part of my career.
Chris Turner





Presidents Council focusses on the upcoming round of bargaining

Over the two days, the location presidents exchanged on several matters of concern impacting the CBC membership and the main topic of dicussion was the upcoming round of bargaining that is due to begin in late August. The bargaining committee will be selected next week.

On Friday morning, the group also had the opportunity to hear from and exchange with CBC president Hubert Lacroix and 11 senior CBC/RAdio-Canada managers on the state of affairs of the public broacaster and the future in an ever fast changing and competitive industry. President Lacroix also reaffirmed CBC management’s commitment to the continuing efforts to foster a good working relationship between the Corporation and the union and building on the successes of the past few years.


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