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New Guild award promotes better coverage of labour issues

The Canadian Media Guild has established a $2,000 award to encourage excellence in labour journalism and lead to a greater public understanding of labour issues.

“Coverage of the CBC lockout showed us that labour reporting is often centred on the strike or lockout deadline and not on the very important issues at stake,” says Lise Lareau, national president of the CMG. “We would like to recognize and reward good work in this field when it happens and hopefully encourage better issue-oriented labour reporting in the future.”

It will recognize print, broadcast and new media journalists whose work has:

–  Advanced the public’s understanding of an issue or set of issues facing either the labour movement or organized workers in Canada.

–  Shown innovation in broadening the coverage of trade unions and labour issues beyond “crisis reporting” of disputes such as strikes and lockouts.

The report must have been published or broadcast in Canada by a media outlet that offers a diverse package of general news designed to reach a mass audience. Since the award is designed to encourage labour reporting by the general news media, work appearing in labour-related or other alternative publications is not eligible.

Judges will take into account the impact of the report and whether it contributed to legislative, legal or other significant change.

Submissions must be received prior to June 30, 2006.

The winner of the award shall be invited to receive it at the major annual meeting of the CMG. The cash award will be accompanied by a wall plaque. Runners-up will receive wall plaques recognizing their accomplishments.

Click here For the full contest rules.

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