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Back to work and lockout pay

Now that it’s confirmed that CMG members will be receiving CBC salary beginning Friday, there will be a reduction in this week’s lockout benefit.

Strike/lockout benefits are pro-rated during the last week of a work stoppage, according to the rules of the Members’ Relief Fund of the CWA.

“The goal of strike or lockout pay is to keep people going when they don’t have company pay,” explains TNG-CWA Secretary-Treasurer Bernie Lunzer of the rule.

Therefore lockout duty will be dropped to 16 hours this week, and the lockout pay will be $240 US, converted to Canadian dollars. That’s a reduction of 1/5 to reflect the fact that members will get a day’s pay from the CBC this week.

Since this is the end of the lockout, location presidents are encouraged to be flexible in determining what constitutes lockout duty this week. For example, ratification meetings should considered as picket duty. “I’d like to see everyone who’s taken part in this effort this week get their lockout pay this week,” says Lise Lareau, president of the CMG. “That’s the right way to end this thing.”

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