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Bargaining at CP: On Hold

Due to the unprecedented public health crisis, The Canadian Press and your union’s bargaining committee have mutually agreed to cancel meeting dates scheduled in April.
We will be back at the bargaining table as soon as possible in the months ahead.
We’d like to remind members to be mindful of maintaining a healthy work-life balance when working from home, as it’s easy to get caught up with engaging in work at all hours, e.g., checking e-mails, Slack, etc. If you are required to engage in this type of ongoing work, please make sure that you request overtime per Article 16 of our collective agreement.         
We’d also like to remind members during these challenging times that our collective agreement includes a provision to assist with personal family emergencies and compassionate needs (Letter of Understanding #16 Family Leave Policy).  Please reach out to CMG Staff Rep Joël Tétreault (joel@cmg.ca) if requests for additional paid day(s) of family leave are denied.
Stay safe everyone!
The Guild bargaining committee at The Canadian Press:

David Friend
Terry Pedwell
Colin Perkel
Michel Saba
Terri Theodore
Lucas Timmons
Joel Tétreault

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