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Bargaining discussions begin at AAC

Today, your Canadian Media Guild bargaining committee met with AAC management to map out an approach to collective bargaining, which will begin in earnest in September.

The Guild presented our bargaining objectives, based largely on the results of the survey conducted several weeks ago. Click here to read the objectives.

Rather than traditional adversarial bargaining, the two sides have agreed to a more interest-based model, which should allow for less confrontational negotiations.

The two sides have agreed to an ambitious schedule of bargaining dates this fall, and all are in agreement that it’s in everyone’s best interests to get the best deal possible as quickly as possible.

We will keep you updated on developments throughout the bargaining process. If you have questions at any time, feel free to talk with one of us.

Your bargaining team:
Masaaba Mwambu
Rob VanSickle
Tom Rudman
Keith Maskell, CMG Staff Representative

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