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Bargaining update – Conciliator appointed for CMG negotiations with TVO 

We have been advised that the provincial government has assigned Hanane Benzidane as the conciliator for our ongoing negotiations with TVO.

In an effort to support the best bargaining possible at TVO, CMG has joined a legal challenge against the province, launched by a group of unions.

“Ontario Labour is united in their call on the Conservatives to repeal Bill 124, euphemistically named the Protecting a Sustainable Public Sector for Future Generations Act, which violates the Charter’s protected right to free and fair collective bargaining.”
A coalition of unions in the province is fighting to prove this bill violates Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and every working Canadian’s legally protected right to fair and meaningful collective bargaining. That legal protection includes Ontario public sector workers. If the new bill stands, it could negatively affect CMG members at both provincial public broadcasters, TVO and TFO.
Your rights and protections at work remain at the heart of our negotiations, and we will continue fighting the best pay and benefits possible in a new collective agreement.
We will keep you updated on progress at the bargaining table.
As always, your insight and input is critical in achieving the gains we are looking for, so thank you for sharing your questions and concerns.
We will soon be distributing an “I support my bargaining committee” button which we hope will help show TVO management how united, and determined we are to make gains during this round of talks.  We ask that you share creative photographs of you and your colleagues in a planned social media campaign of support.
With appreciation, your CMG bargaining team at TVO:

Meredith Martin (meredithisgreat@gmail.com)
Cara Stern
David Rockne Corrigan
Carla Lucchetta
Assisted by Gregg Thurlbeck
Lauren Baert (lauren@cmg.ca), CMG Staff Representative 

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