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Bargaining with Pagemasters – Share your priorities for the new agreement

Our team for the upcoming negotiations with Pagemasters was confirmed at last week’s membership meeting and we need your input to prepare for the talks, which will begin at the end of October.

Please complete the CMG bargaining survey at http://www.cmg.ca/en/bargaining-survey-for-cmg-members-at-pagemasters-north-america/ to let us know your priorities for this round of negotiations. The survey results will be viewed only by the CMG bargaining team and individual answers will remain both anonymous and confidential. The deadline for filling out the survey is Tuesday, October 17.
You can view the current collective agreement here: http://www.cmg.ca/en/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/PMNA-Collective-Agreement-2015-17-Web.pdf 
We will compile the results of the survey, together with the issues highlighted at last week’s meeting – including the ongoing precariousness of part-time employees and the recognition that our duties have increased in both number and responsibility since the last round of negotiations – to form the basis of our proposals to the company.
The committee at the table will be: Anna Maxymiw, Laura Godfrey and Layla Bozich; Madeline Smith is an alternate. The broader team includes: Anisa Rawhani, Carolyn Turgeon, Chris Coutts, Pat Reddick and Dan McGinty.
We welcome your questions, ideas and insight throughout the process, and will keep you informed about progress at the bargaining table. Feel free to reach out to any of us in total confidence.

CMG bargaining committee:
Anna Maxymiw (a-maxymiw@rogers.com)
Laura Godfrey (godfrey.lc@gmail.com)
Layla Bozich (layla.bozich@gmail.com)
Madeline Smith, Alternate (madeline.ek.smith@gmail.com)
Olivier Roy, CMG Staff Representative (olivier@cmg.ca)
Karen Wirsig, CMG Staff Representative (karen@cmg.ca)

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