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Bargaining with Pagemasters takes a turn

Your bargaining committee met with the management bargaining team for three days this week. We put all of our proposals on the table, including:

– A new wage structure with classifications that reflect the work being done, rates that better reflect the value of the work that you do, and salary steps that allow for automatic wage increases for employees at the bottom of the ladder.

– 3 weeks of vacation per year for all employees with less than 5 years of service; 4 weeks of vacation for employees with 5 years or more of service.

– A 37.5-hour workweek (8-hour shifts with a half hour unpaid break during the day), and overtime that kicks in above 37.5 hours worked in the week.

– The principle that part-time jobs would not be used to deny full-time work to people who want it and the obligation that the employer interview any part-timer who is interested in a full-time vacancy.

– A review of benefits to ensure the plans meet the needs of employees, as well as a payment in lieu of benefits for part-timers, who are currently not eligible.

Management did not react well to our proposals. We are still in the early stages of bargaining and it is a good time to reconfirm your priorities for the next phase of the talks.

We will hold a membership meeting next Wednesday, May 20 from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. at 1 King St. West, in the Chairman’s Board Room. We urge you to attend to have your voice heard. We need your input and support to make improvements to the contract. 

Your CMG bargaining committee:

Helen Cook
Laura Godfrey
Anna Maxymiw
Terry Pedwell, CMG president at CP/Pagemasters
Karen Wirsig, CMG staff representative

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