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Be part of the CMG Bargaining Team at CBC/Radio-Canada

Are you a skilled communicator? Strategic thinker? Organizational master? Problem Solver?

Have you considered applying to be on the union bargaining team to negotiate our next collective agreement with the CBC/SRC? 

The role of bargaining committee member is open to all CMG members – please step forward by March 20, 2023.

The committee is responsible for all aspects of negotiations with the Corporation, including research, development of proposals, bargaining, and communications with the membership. Prospective committee members must be willing and able to dedicate significant time and effort to the negotiations process. Negotiating is hard work and can be physically and emotionally demanding.

Although the collective agreement doesn’t expire until March 31, 2024 we expect talks to begin by September this year, with work into 2024. Bargaining committee members can expect to be away from their jobs and their homes for weeks at a time. Your wages are uninterrupted, and expenses covered.

It is not necessary to have bargained a collective agreement before. We have found that the best approach to forming a bargaining committee is to gather together a group of people with a wide variety of skills and abilities.

Members of the bargaining committee should be:
– team players
– prepared to actively participate in planning for bargaining with the employer, starting this spring
– able to communicate effectively with Guild members and management
– familiar with the workplace and the existing collective agreement
– able to do research and develop strategy
– able to keep complete and accurate notes and records

In addition to these basic criteria, candidates from all work groups will be considered with a view to providing balance on the basis of media (radio/TV/online), language, diversity, and geography.

Deadline for applications is March 20, 2023.  Please apply here.

 Bargaining committee members will be chosen in April, and some training and prep work will start soon after.

Your Bargaining Team Selection Committee:
Murray Cullen
Jessica Doria Brown
Nola Keeler
Dominique Gauthier
Naomi Robinson
Matt Douglas

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