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CBC: Bargaining update ? discussions on workforce adjustment

The Canadian Media Guild and the CBC have returned to the bargaining table. The two sides met for three days last week with the entire time spent exploring the Guild’s proposal on Workforce Adjustment.

The Guild proposal seeks to establish a fair process that gives members the greatest chance to maintain employment during a downsizing or significant organizational or technological change. In situations where positions are being eliminated, it would oblige the Corporation to seek out opportunities that will permit employees to continue their careers and livelihood, or in some cases to provide re-training. Failing that, the Guild proposal seeks increased severance pay in the event no employment opportunity can be found.

The language would also place limits on the Corporation’s ability to contract out work performed by Guild members and would include the union in any processes around the sale of CBC business.

Workforce Adjustment language is a critical part of the collective agreement. It concerns fundamental job security issues.

The two sides are expected to resume discussions on this proposal when talks resume on January 25.

Your bargaining team:

Arnold Amber, Toronto
Pierre Claveau, Vancouver
Brendan Elliott, Charlottetown
Percy Hatfield, Windsor
Joe Hill, Toronto
Wendy Hunt, Toronto
Gerry Jones, Regina
Barbara Saxberg, Toronto
Lee Siemon, Toronto
Chris Turner, Fredericton
Rick Warren, Vancouver
Dan Oldfield, Senior Staff Representative, CMG

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