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CBC trying to get feed from Governor-General ceremony

If CBC management attempts to broadcast any part of the swearing-in ceremony for the new Governor-General, it will be relying on replacement workers.

Last week, CBC management issued a statement saying they would “not send news crews, trucks or resources” to cover the ceremony. However, spokesperson Jason MacDonald told the Globe and Mail that the CBC may still try to access a feed from the installation ceremony.

The Canadian Media Guild now understands that CBC management is in fact attempting to gain access to a feed. Anyone providing the CBC with a feed, or audio or video recordings, will be considered scabs since they would be doing the work normally done by locked-out CBC employees.

We know that other Canadian broadcasters are planning to cover the event and will provide an alternative for interested viewers.

For more information, please contact Karen Wirsig, communications co-ordinator for the Guild, at 416-578-1651, or Marc-Philippe Laurin, the Guild’s location president in Ottawa, at 819-664-5090.

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