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Change works with us

The Guild and TVO return to the bargaining table tomorrow. We truly believe the opportunity exists to reach an agreement. Success in the talks ultimately depends on whether management is prepared to commit to a positive relationship with employees. Our proposals have been thoughtful, measured and progressive. At a time when TVO and the media industry are undergoing major changes, it is crucial that those in charge open their ears to those required to do the work.

Any deal must include an employer commitment to fully consult with employees and their union prior to the introduction of significant change in the organization. You will remember the months following the unveiling of the Strategic Agenda in 2006 when many of our colleagues were left hanging, not knowing where they would be assigned – and when – because of the utter lack of communication from management. The problem of lack of communication and consultation has not gone away. Employees are entitled to know when important changes are being considered and to offer suggestions to make the situation better for both the organization and the employees.

We also seek to remove artificial barriers to employment in the case of a downsizing. Our proposal on layoff and recall respects employees’ seniority and would allow members to maintain their employment in jobs that remain which they are qualified to do. Without such rules, management can play favourites and use the pretext of layoffs to target particular employees, which erodes the rights of all members.

The time has also come for real action on work-life balance. We have proposed provisions for flexible work and time off arrangements, where they make sense, to allow employees to better balance the stresses and demands of their home and work lives.

Tomorrow will be an important day for TVO. We will keep you advised about the outcome.

Your bargaining committee:
Carol Burtin Fripp
David Hawkins
George Pyron
Dan Oldfield, Senior Staff Representative, CMG

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