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CMG and CBC/Radio-Canada: the work continues to achieve a new collective agreement

CBCRadio-Canada and the CMG have just finished a fifth week of meetings focused on improving our relationship, resolving our issues and negotiating a new Collective agreement.

These meetings involve the CMG negotiation committee, high level managers from CBC/Radio-Canada as well our facilitator Warren Edmondson, former chair of the Canadian Industrial Relations Board.

The work last week was focused on the employment of Contract employees and Workforce adjustment (layoff and recall).

Progress continues to be made and everyone remains committed to maintaining a productive relationship.

Work will continue in smaller groups during the next couple of weeks in an effort to maintain the momentum we have achieved so far.

The next week of full discussions is slated for November 24th at which time we will be tackling the issues of Workload, Performance management and staff development, Training and Job security.

Both parties continue to seriously pursue the goal of achieving an early renewal of our Collective agreement and are encouraged in this pursuit by our improved relationship and our new problem-solving process.

Representatives from each organization are:

Marc-Philippe Laurin
Dan Oldfield
Barbara Saxberg
Glenn Gray
Brendan Elliott
Elaine Janes
Rick Warren
Harry Mesh
Chris Turner
Annick Forest
John O’Connor

George Smith
Fred Mattocks
Elizabeth Dalzell
Todd Spencer
John Bertrand
Michel Hamelin
Brigid Lumholst-Smith
Ron Ouellette
Jim Rogers
Martin Marcotte
Benoit Quenneville
Tricia Frantsi-Bhupsingh

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