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CMG and PMNA to discuss monetary issues in January


We met with the management negotiating team a couple of times since mid-November and discussed non-monetary issues at length. The two sides agree in principle on integrating health and safety law into the collective agreement and on creating a joint committee that will meet regularly to address workplace issues.

We are also close to agreement on new scheduling provisions that take into account our need for a balance between work and our lives outside of work. The union committee also continues to press for a shorter probation period.

We are still waiting for a monetary proposal from management. Due to scheduling issues, we can’t meet again until January 23, at which time we expect a monetary offer from them that takes into account increases to the salary scales and fairness for part-time employees as we’ve proposed. The current agreement remains in effect until we negotiate a new one.

At every opportunity, we’ve hammered home the importance of fairness for part-time employees and proper recognition of the work we all do. Here’s to hoping the message is getting through and we see the results early in 2018.

Anna Maxymiw

Most of us started at PMNA as part-timers so we get why it’s important to make improvements there. It’s so great that we’re sticking together to end second-class treatment of our part-time co-workers.
Layla Bozich

As time goes by, our clients trust us with more, and expect more from us. We’re the key to PMNA’s growth. Our pay needs to catch up.
Laura Godfrey

CMG Bargaining Committee:
Layla Bozich (layla.bozich@gmail.com)
Laura Godfrey (godfrey.lc@gmail.com)
Anna Maxymiw (a-maxymiw@rogers.com)
Olivier Roy, CMG Staff Representative (olivier@cmg.ca)
Karen Wirsig, CMG Staff Representative (Karen@cmg.ca)

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