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CMG members at APTN vote to back strike action

Editorial employees at the Aboriginal People’s Television Network have voted 73% in favour of strike action, if necessary to achieve a fair collective agreement.

Nearly all members of the bargaining unit took part in the vote which was conducted on Dec. 13-14. While several issues remain unresolved, the key issue of across-the-board wage increases is central in the dispute.

For months the Guild has been attempting to bargain a settlement. Two federally appointed conciliators assisted the two sides, but negotiations ended when management tabled its final proposal of an 8% increase over five years.

CMG negotiator Dan Oldfield said: “We remain open to any sincere attempts to achieve a new collective agreement and we urge management not to underestimate the resolve of the membership. We are pleased to see that management’s illegal tactics of attempting to undermine the bargaining process have failed. Employees do not buy the argument that CMG’s proposal will cause a financial hardship, in light of the broadcaster’s increased funding of $11 million per year.

Your bargaining committee appreciates the support the members have shown. We will do what we can to avoid a work stoppage and we encourage the leadership at APTN to instruct its bargaining committee to go back and negotiate a deal.

Your bargaining committee:
Greg Taylor
Bruce Spence
Cheryl McKenzie
Dan Oldfield
Dan Zeidler

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