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CMG members at TVO reject latest offer from employer

Our members have spoken: three more years of losing wages to inflation after a decade of real wage cuts is not acceptable. 

CMG members at TVO have been on strike for six weeks, and after careful consideration of TVO’s latest offer of three more years of real wage cuts, they voted this weekend to reject it. 

TVO still refuses to offer a wage increase that acknowledges the current economic environment  the real wage cuts it has asked employees to accept for a decade — or that their employees deserve compensation for being held under the unconstitutional Bill 124. 

From the start, TVO management has made their position clear that binding arbitration should only be used as a last resort. CMG members feel that if TVO refuses to negotiate their wages further, then binding arbitration appears to be the only path forward. 

If TVO management continues to refuse to treat its employees fairly, the Minister of Education or Premier Doug Ford should step in and force them to accept binding arbitration, where a neutral third party can decide what’s fair to both parties. 

Annick R. Forest, CMG President Meredith Martin, CMG-TVO Branch President

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